About Us

A successful career for a singer starts with the choosing of a good recording label. With this in mind, we have created WashRoom Recordings, stating assistance for talented artists as our #1 mission. We deliver high-quality sound that makes any song better and more pleasant to listen to. We’re not Abbey Road, but we’re pretty good too.

If you’re an artist, a beginner or a pro, we can become a great team and conquer the world of music together. If you’re a listener, we guarantee you extraordinarily good sound and interesting tracks to listen to. In any way, we welcome you to our website, with all the information about the company, what we do, and our projects.

We have already helped lots of amazing artists, some of them came to us disappointed after they couldn’t record a good song at another place. We don’t just provide the artists with the equipment and time to record, we work and talk to them. We ask them about their songs, their style, inspiration, and goals. Then we give them some time to rehearse and tune the instruments if any, and try different variants of recording. We continue trying until the result satisfies both sides.

We do all this because WashRoom Recordings consists of people with passion to high-quality music. Our team includes specialists of different fields, starting with music teachers and finishing with equipment experts. Everyone does their jobs perfectly, and that’s why we have so many beautiful projects in our collection. And we have some of the best turntables for recording vinyl you can find.

Want to know more about us and our company? Are you an aspiring artist seeking a good recording label? Are you a producer or just a listener who wants some good music? Contact us right away if you have questions or suggestions. We are ready to cooperate with new people, and we will also be happy to answer your questions.

We hope you will have fun scrolling through our website!