how to sing better

Learn How To Sing Better Before Spending a Fortune On a Home Studio

home recording studio for ingersI’ve seen so many people spend a ton of money, basically their life savings, on a home studio. In some cases, they are right to do so. They use the studio to make wonderful music and they make the money that they spent on it back pretty quickly. In most cases, though, getting your own studio is premature.

A lot of the people who get a studio don’t know anything about music theory. They can’t play any instruments and can’t actually make good music. It’s just a really expensive hobby. One of the most common things I’ve seen, is people getting their own studio and all of the voice recording tools money can buy. They are completely set up to record their own album, with them as the singer. But there’s one problem. They can’t sing.

Before you get yourself a home studio, you need to visit the site like They can teach you to sing better and improve your voice. Go through all of the exercises and practice them daily until you sound more like a professional singer. You can become a good singer, but you need to work on it. And I suggest that you work on improving your singing voice before you go out and spend money on a home studio.

If you’re too lazy to go check out music Musicaroo and go through their exercises to help you improve your voice, I can give you a quick rundown of the voice lessons here.

how to sing better
Learn to sing better before splurging on a full studio.

The first thing you need to work on is your posture. Posture has a huge impact on singing voice. When you slouch, it affects your breathing, which means you cannot sing anywhere near your real abilities. You need to practice standing up straight. Practice this every day. And since you’re also practicing your singing every day, practice them together. Always stand up straight when you sing.

You might be thinking you could sit up straight. You can, but it is not as easy to get the full breath as it is when you’re standing. For that reason, I suggest you always sing standing to begin with. Perfect your posture and your singing while you’re standing, then you can move on to doing it while sitting down.

After standing straight and having a good posture, you need to work on your head, mouth and tongue position. Your head needs to be level. A lot of beginning singers tend to look up, especially when they are singing high notes. Make sure not to do this.

Your mouth needs to be open wider than feels natural, especially for vowels. This is the only way to get the proper airflow. Your tongue must be pointing forward in your mouth. Many people keep their tongue toward the back of the mouth, but in that position, it impacts the airflow and you need proper airflow to be able to sing.

That brings us to the next point. You need to learn how to breathe correctly if you’re going to be a better singer. You have to breathe from your lower abdomen. Many call this diaphragm breathing although the term is a bit incorrect. If you only breathe into your chest, you will not get enough air. You need to practice breathing from your diaphragm or your lower abdomen.

You can practice by lying down on the ground with a book on your lower abdomen. As you breathe in, you should be raising the book and as you breathe out, you should be lowering it. If you are not, keep practicing. Once you have the breathing down without singing, make sure to breathe correctly while you are singing. This will be very difficult at first, but keep practicing until you get used to it. Nothing will improve your singing more than learning how to breathe correctly.

Once you have these basics down, then you can move on to more advanced exercises. Exercises that will improve your vocal range and that will have you really hitting those high notes that you couldn’t sing before. This opens up a whole new world of songs to you. Suddenly songs that weren’t in your range before are in your range now. And you should never sing songs out of your range, since doing so can damage your voice.

So head on over to Musicaroo and practice your singing until you are a much better singer than you are now. You can learn how to sing better, no matter how bad you are today. You just need to do it. Now get to work.