What We Do

As many other recording labels, the main thing we do is striving to release high-quality music. This process involves many things, as to create a good track, we need a good artist or a band, professional equipment, and an idea. If you combine all this and add some passion and loyal cooperation to it, you will get a highly successful project.

We provide our clients with a wide range of services:

  • Recording music.
    We can record an instrumental version of a song or work with a vocalist without a band. Our team works only with high-quality equipment that allows us to deliver the best quality of sound possible by now. You can record your own song or a cover for a competition, but make sure you don’t violate copyright rules.
  • Marketing a song.
    We can also provide you with a range of services in marketing of your music recorded with us. If you stick to our company and we find your project interesting enough, we can take up the marketing of your single or album. We can discuss further cooperation with you when you finish recording to afterwards.
  • Managing your career.
    As an official recording label, WashRoom Recordings also can help you conquer bigger mountains by managing your career. Get ready to write some more songs if you want to start a successful career, record them with us, and leave the managing work to our professionals.
  • Distribution of your recordings.
    If you record songs just for fun, no problem, we will limit our cooperation only on that. But if you want to shoot a cover for a full album or a single or do something on a real vinyl record for turntables, and release the recording, we are ready to assist you there, too. We will take up the distribution of your recordings as of our project, and your face will appear in many famous album shops around the country.
  • Enforcing copyright for your recordings.
    You can find legal support at WashRoom Recordings, as nobody will dare to violate your copyright while you are with us. We will protect your melody, your lyrics, and your concept, as they may be a unique key to your future.
  • Searching for new talents.
    We are in a constant search of new talented bands and artists, so we may approach you ourselves. If you get a message, make sure you use the chance, as they don’t come really often.

If you are searching for any of these services, we are ready to help you with anything we can. Hope to meet you one day and start a new successful cooperation!